“Raid at Spell Hall”
May 14th & 15th, 2016
General Nathanael Greene Homestead
50 Taft Street
Coventry, Rhode Island, 02816-5314
Schedule of Events

FRIDAY – May 13th, Early arrivals and Camp(s) set-up, personnel on site to direct camp setup and parking. Anytime after 1200 in the afternoon until evening. Both the Allied and British commanders will be on site by noon Friday to help with any organization or questions. As the participating units are fluctuating, those coming need to bring a tally of number of people and tents and equipment (ie guns, etc) as well as a copy of their unit proof of insurance. All members will sign in to the event log book so we have an accurate tally of folks participating. Individuals interested in participating will be assessed on a case by case basis and if kit/training/etc. is acceptable, will be temporarily assigned to a registered regiment for the weekend.

General Greene has ordered a Joint (British and Allies) Council of War for all unit commanders Saturday morning at 8:30AM to lay out the final scenario and plan of the day.

Docents and Ladies of the House will report to Dave Procaccini in the caretakers cottage upon arrival for assignment.


SATURDAY – May 14th 2016

0900 – Council of War for all unit commanders, Greene Homestead
10:00 – Camp(s) open to the Public, standard procedures to ensure all vehicles are parked in the secure areas.
10:30 – First Formation for Safety and inspection of Arms, as per standard procedures.
11:30 – First engagement of the day – Arrival of Crown Forces and securing of the Homestead. Retreat of Rebel Forces.
100 – Afternoon of Drilling and 18th Century Exercising.
230 – Afternoon Tactical Exercise, TBA.
400 – Camp closed to Public.
4:15- Event De-briefing and Evening Socializing.

SUNDAY- MAY 15th 2016

0900 – Council of War for all unit commanders, Greene Homestead
10:00 – Camp{s} open to public
10:30 – Units Muster for Event Briefing and Safety Inspection[s]
11:00 – Advance of Rebel Forces upon Homestead, retire of Crown Forces
100 – Afternoon Drills and Exercises
200 – Final Tactical Engagements TBA
400 – Camps closed to public…Start Break down of Camp[s]

As per the normal set up and break down of these types of events, which you all have many years of experience with over time, the basics are at hand to ensure your comfort  at the Homestead, Wood, Water and Working Bathrooms are on site.
We have kept the schedule as basic as possible at this time, to give everyone a chance to arrive and depart without too much fanfare. A more detailed schedule will be out with in the week, with Parking instructions and general camp[s] layout.
And remember to remain flexible and ready to deal with last minute changes.

“Amateurs talk tactics, Professionals talk logistics”
– Unknown


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